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Suitable Sectors and Areas for Agricultural Investment in Kilis



Olive Oil Products Processing and Packaging

Kilis ranks first in olive production in the region and organic olives are produced in the province. The province is suitable for the production of products with a high demand but not too much production such as soap production as well as olive oil.

Fruit Juice Production and Packaging

In addition to olive oil production, viticulture is the one of the most important economic activities in the province. However, the lack of enterprises to evaluate this potential in the province increases the efficiency of the investments.

Organic Agriculture and Good Agriculture

Kilis is a province organic olive, pistachio, milk and egg production increases. Furthermore, production and consumption awareness for these products increases.

Renewable Energy Source and Agriculture

Irrigation and heating of greenhouses is possible by using solar energy with the effect of climate in the province.

Cattle and Ovine Milk / Cattle Livestock

There is a high demand for cattle and sheep fattening in the province. In addition to this, livestock investments for milk and breeding increases.

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