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Projects for the Future of the City

  • Polateli-Şahinbey Textile Specialized Organized Industrial Zone Project
    In Turkey, the two cities a pioneer in terms of the establishment of discarded Polateli-Sahinbey Textile Specialized OSB investment field strapped, as is the expansion of facilities in Gaziantep industry is expected to progress to add momentum of development and industry of Kilis. Gaziantep and Kilis border will be tly Polateli-Sahinbey Textile Specialized OSB, will cover 35 million square meters and will be Turkey’s largest OIZ in terms of space. It is 22 km from Kilis and 35 km from Gaziantep. In the first stage, the new OIZ, which will be launched on an area of ​​14 million 300 thousand square meters in Kilis province, will benefit from the 6th regional incentives.



  • Gaziantep - Polateli - Hassa - Dortyol Highway and Tunnel Project
    This project, which is under preparation, and Polateli OIZ are of vital importance for Kilis and Gaziantep Sanayi. With this project, it is planned that the transportation from Polateli OIZ to Iskenderun Port will be reduced to one hour. While the length of the highway is 100 km, it is foreseen that 9 tunnels will be constructed within the scope of the project.



  • Customs Facilities Connection Roads and Border Gates Roads
    With the project in question, it is planned to expand the roads leading to the border gates and perform logistics activities in a faster time and more comfortably. It was tendered in 2017 and it is foreseen to start road works.



  • (Kilis-Hassa) Junction - Musabeyli - Nurdağı Road Project                                                                                 According to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, this project started in 2018 and is planned to be completed in  2020. Project Cost: 119.851.000 TL and its length is 59 km. 46 km of the project, which is the only way of surface coating, is within the borders of Gaziantep Province. The implementation of the project on the road will shorten 6 km.

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