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Silkroad Development Agency Kilis Investment Support Office

Kilis Investment Support Office

a) Informing and guiding the investor in accordance with the application conditions and the required documents in the relevant legislation,


b) Accepting and following up the applications of the investors, conducting preliminary examination on the applications of the investors,


c) To convey the permits and / or licensing transactions or other administrative works and transactions of the investors to the relevant authority or authorities and to carry out the necessary follow-up transactions from a single source,


d) To determine the obstacles and problems that may be faced by the investors in the province and to take steps to solve the problems with the relevant authorities,


e) To promote or the business and investment opportunities of TRC1 Region at national and international level in cooperation with related organizations,


f) Presidential Investment Office and to determine the investment support and promotion strategies in cooperation with other organizations in the region and implement,


g) To prepare a monthly activity report and submit them to the Governor’s Office and the Secretary General,


h) To coordinate and support the investment support and promotion activities carried out by the public institutions and organizations in the province and private sector organizations at the international level,


i) To issue printed and electronic publications and to support such publications,


j) To carry out activities for cooperation and capacity building with the relevant local, national and international institutions within the scope of the duties and activities related to the IDO,


k) To provide support to PPKB for sectoral analyzes in provinces,


l) To support the activities of the agency units in the provinces for planning or project and activity support,


m) To prepare activity reports related to the unit,


n) Entering the necessary information on the subjects included in the job descriptions into the Development Agencies Management System (KAYS) and ensuring that they are d,


o) To perform similar tasks to be assigned by the Secretary General.


Within the framework of the mentioned regulation, our Investment Support Office, which serves under the structure of İpekyolu Development Agency, provides all the investors who want to invest in our city; It is composed of an active, experienced, educated and dynamic staff that has defined itself to support and to guide them in their transactions from beginning to end of their investments.

Our Staff:

Fevzi YAŞAR (Coordinator)

Abdulkadir BORAZAN (Expert)

Abdullah KAHRAMAN (Expert)


Address: Şehitler Mahallesi Canbazlar Sokak No: 14 Merkez / KİLİS

Tel: 90 (348) 814 51 98 Fax: 90 (348) 814 51 98

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Şehitler Mahallesi Canbazlar Sokak No:9 Merkez/ KİLİS

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