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In Kilis province there is a state hospital, which was opened in 2007 and in the counties, towns and villages there are a total of 17 family health centres, 4 Community Health Center and 26 health centres. According to the Provincial Directorate of Health in the city centre, Oral and Dental Health Centre, Public Health Laboratory, Tuberculosis and Maternal and Child Health and Family Planning Centre provide health services to citizens. In the province there are a total of 39 ambulances, including one spare and one of them of the ambulance at the hospital, three of them are in the central stations, three of them are in the district stations and one of them is used for home care services. In addition, with 1 motorcycle ambulance services is provided.


Kilis Province Health Indicators


Specialist Physician

General Practitioner


Nurse and Midwife

Number of Patients Per Bed

Number of Patients Per Family Physician

Number of Patients Per Specialist Physician








Source: Kilis Provincial Directorate of Health, 2019

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