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Industry and Trade

Kilis economy is largely based on agriculture and animal husbandry. When examining the land distribution of Kilis province, the total area is 1,520,100 decares. According to TSI 2018 data, 68% (1,029,448 decares) of these lands are agricultural lands. Of these agricultural lands, 53% (548,400 decares) of fruits, beverage and spice crops area, 38% (391.601 decares) of cultivated areas, 4% (48,534 decares) of vegetable gardens and 3% (40,913 decares) ) fallow areas. In these areas cereals and other vegetable products, vegetables, fruit and beverage products are produced. According to Kilis Province of Food, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Department’s 2018 data, in the province there are a total of 7,889 registered farmers.


When compared to other provinces in the TRC1 region, it is  observed that industrialization is not at the desired level in Kilis. But along with the "New Incentive System" it is seen that in Organized Industrial Zone and across the province new investment is realized. In terms of investment in the coming years, the province is expected to become the centre of attraction (General Directorate of Industry, 2012).


Trade Structure of the Province


Having borders with Syria and due to its geographical location seems to be quite a lively commercial life in Kilis. Due to location on the historical Silk Road it is seen that there is a deep-rooted tradition of cross-border trade. Until the middle of 1999, with the effect of cross-border trade an intense commercial activity is seen. However, after this date cross-border trade could not be made for many years, trade is made  only through the normal import or export  from Öncüpınar Directorate of Customs border crossing (General Directorate of Industry, 2012).

In June 2009 with the Council of Ministers Decision border trade was resumed, but trade of important and a sufficient amount of products needed were not permitted by  Under secretariat of Foreign Trade, that’s why it was not interested by persons and companies who are engage in trade (General Directorate of Industry, 2012).

According to the records of the Kilis Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2013, there are  55 t stock companies (A.Ş.),  , 397 limited companies (Ltd. Şti.), 31 foreign partnership companies, 32 Cooperatives and 601 sole proprietorship in Kilis.

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