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It is seen that the commercial life is very active due to being a neighbor to Syria and its geographical position in Kilis. Due to its presence on the historical Silk Road, there is a long-standing tradition of border trade. Until the middle of 1999, there is a strong commercial activity with the effect of border trade. However, after this date, no border trade has been carried out for many years, so trade is only carried out through Öncüpınar Customs Directorate border gate through normal import or export. In June 2009, the border trade was resumed with the decision of the Council of Ministers, but individuals and firms engaged in trade were not interested with the border trade due to the restrictions of Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade for important and needed products.


It is clear that the political instability and conflict environment that has emerged in recent years in countries such as Syria and Iraq, which are the important trading partners of Kilis province, negatively affect the commercial structure of the province. However, considering that the recent military operations created a peaceful environment in the region, the commercial life of the province is expected to increase significantly in the next period.

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