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10 Reasons to Agricultural Investing in Kilis

1. Presence of cheap and qualified labor force,

2. Easy transportation,

3. Due to the fact that the province is only 5 km away from Öncüpınar border crossing, it is close to the port cities such as İskenderun and Mersin and has high import and export potential,

4. The number of sunny days is high and the intensity of sunbathing is high,

5. To be among the priority provinces in the incentives implemented by the state due to its location in the GAP region,

6. Soils are fertile, climate is suitable for agricultural production and organic agriculture and greenhouse,

7. Providing that the province is suitable for animal husbandry but small number of large livestock enterprises,

8. Agricultural raw material needs can be met easily and cheaply,

9. Strong public and private sector cooperation and dialogue,

10. Due to the lack of development of industry, agricultural production is high, demand for agricultural industry is high, but supply is low.

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